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Our energy surrounds us and at times, some self-maintenance is required to maintain optimal balance and health. When we lose focus of our energy, disease and sickness can start to root itself. As a Reiki Master and Reflexology Practitioner, I work to reopen those blockages (non-evasively) and bring your harmonic balance to its optimal potential. By accessing the root cause of illness, one can work towards mental, emotional and physical healing.


“Absolutely perfect experience, felt the benefits of relaxation relief and healing! Loved the aroma therapy! Thank you!”


“Amazing massage, great atmosphere, fantastic owner! Truly cares about people, very knowledgeable will definitely make another appointment.”


“One of the most relaxing experiences I’ve ever had. I’ve already been back to see Janet twice since purchasing her Groupon and will continue utilizing her services on a regular basis. She not only has an extensive health background, she is a natural healer. I highly recommend!”


“Great experience. I will definitely be making another appointment with Janet. Reflexology is great but the addition of the Hot Stones takes it over the top. Thank you!”


“The experience was comfortable. The facility was warm, clean and restful. Janet was knowledgeable, professional and gentle.”


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